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SKY IS MUSIC. Internationally acclaimed DJ SKY not only participated in the rave scene but helped to define it. With recent collaborations with Chad Hugo, Little Dragon, Yardnoise, Yuna, Quazr, Phil "Swagger Boy" Tayag of the Jabbawockeez, D.A.E, Infinity, Young Fyre, and championed by such industry luminaries as Phil Hartnoll (Orbital), John Newsham (Funktion-One), John Bahler (The Wrecking Crew), and Mixmaster Morris (The Irresistible Force), his hallmark light-up electric violin and drums define the sound celebrated by the rave community and now the entire culture of pop music. His eclectic blend of sounds and energy inject his audience with contagious movement and an indelible live experience they won't soon forget. SKY began playing drums and violin at the age of two, and continued to master the keys, guitar, bass, and vocals as well. This provides him with a complete comprehension of the language and art of music, which allows him to impart his rhythmic genius into all of his varied musical projects. With groove and funk at the forefront of his sound, he gracefully blended into Paisley Park as Prince's DJ, playing tailor-made mixes for his famous Celebration parties. This penetrating sound can also be heard in the many remixes and musical segments he produced for artists such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Ricky Martin, JLo, Marilyn Manson, Rick Springfield, Jessica Simpson, Boston, and Len. The inevitable union of Disney and the rave scene was also his brainchild, resulting in the 1996 re-mix album entitled Mouse House which he arranged, produced and performed. In 2001, he collaborated with Jane's Addiction drummer, Stephen Perkins, to produce the score that brilliantly complimented the edgy L.A. film entitled MacArthur Park which premiered as a selection at the Sundance Film Festival. Most recently, SKY's music can be heard in the soundtrack for Capcom's new hit game Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha. SKY's latest passion is within the realm of DSD, a digital recording method which pays more respect to the listener in providing a rich and lavish field of frequencies to delight more than the rocks your soul. SKY has only begun to expand the musical boundaries he loves to dance upon. Once you experience the sounds of SKY, you will know he really has no limit.

SKY uses only the BEST, including:
Wolf Music Products, TASCAM/Teac, Moog Music, Ted Brewer Violins,
Zildjian Cymbals, V-Picks, Allen & Heath, La Bella Strings,
Sonoma DSD Multitrack, Reloop, Funktion-One,
RODEC, Yorkville Sound, SSL, Marcodi Harpejji, Ortofon,
AKG Wireless, Harris Musical Products, Universal Audio, Mytek Digital,
Roland, Manley, SPL, Forat Electronics,
Schlagwerk, Electric Babes Guitars,
and would like to thank all of his dear friends
who invent and create the instruments and tools
that make his music possible.

A very special thanks to Wolfgang Luecke and the MusikMesse family.

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